You're thinking about docs all wrong

"RTFM" is not the full story

The career-changing art of reading the docs

Hello! Usually I include the longform essay right here in the email, but today I’m linking it from ACG:

If you read and internalize only one thing I’ve written in the past year or so, I hope it’s this piece. I’ve seen the strategy outlined here change a lot of careers, including mine.

Links and events

Join me and Microsoft’s Scott Hanselman tomorrow for what’s sure to be an enlightening hour, as we learn how Scott has migrated some seriously legacy web apps to Azure.

Here’s a fun and wide-ranging interview I did with High Scalability’s Todd Hoff about The Read Aloud Cloud, choosing a traditional publisher rather than self-publishing, the greatest cloud service of all time, and much more.

And another interview, me asking the questions this time, with Marianne Bellotti. App modernization, lies we believe about mainframes, and why COBOL will be with us forever.

Finally, I joined The Internet Report to talk cloud resilience in the wake of The Kinesis Incident. To reiterate: everybody has downtime and multi-region/multi-cloud is expensive, it’s your responsibility to know how much redundancy you should pay for!

Just for fun (probably)