The best jobs in cloud: Aug 26, 2021

AWS, Verizon, Rocket Homes, and more.

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This week’s sponsors: Trek10, Stedi

General reminder to be respectful of our referrals’ time and take their restrictions at their word; don’t contact a Canada-only posting if you are based in the US, don’t apply to a senior position if you have no experience, etc.

Junior jobs

(little to no prior cloud experience required; we’ll train you)

Associate 5G Cloud Solutions Architect at Verizon

Location: Remote, but you have to live somewhere in the US

My contact at Verizon says: Verizon has begun its foray into cloud computing and you get to be at the forefront of our Solution Architecture, Cloud Engineering, and Developer Advocacy efforts. 5G edge computing is an entirely greenfield way to design, implement, and deploy applications and through this team, you will become an expert in the cloud architecture pattern of the future.

Inside track to apply: Email Robert Belson and mention this newsletter

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Mid-level jobs

(a couple years of cloud/DevOps-type experience required)

Launch sponsor: Stedi


  • has a huge vision for transforming B2B transactions and communication

  • is led by a great CEO

  • is fully serverless

  • is fully remote; you can live anywhere in the world

  • has a very high talent bar

  • Is looking for both mid- and senior-level folks (no juniors at present, please)

  • has $70m in funding from top investors

  • pays top-of-market salary compared to similarly sized companies; competitive equity package; perks and benefits.

A word from Forrest: Some of the people I know and respect best in this industry work at Stedi, including multiple former coworkers of mine. If you want to build pure serverless systems with incredibly intelligent people that really care about getting things right, Stedi is the place to be.

Inside track to apply:; mention this newsletter.

Azure Cloud Architect Consultant at Tidal Migrations

Location: Remote, but legal Canada residency is required.

My contact at Tidal says: Did you ever yearn to work for a startup but never had the opportunity, missed your chance, or were too risk-averse? With Tidal Migrations' portfolio of long term blue chip customers, you have a second chance without the risk. Putting your cloud skills to work now with Tidal Migrations will give you that chance to get in early and enjoy the special camaraderie unique to young companies that have found the sweet spot in their market.

Inside track to apply: Send your resume to this handy address!

Software Development Engineer - AWS Identity & Access

Location: In office (Arlington, Berlin, Cupertino, Herndon, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver)

My contact on the AWS Identity team says: As a member of the AWS Identity team, you will work on services that every AWS customer uses and on distributed systems that scale as AWS grows. This means you will help build end-to-end solutions across AWS, and innovate by using cutting-edge technologies and techniques, such as automated reasoning. As an Access Analyzer engineer, you will build services to simplify permissions for all AWS customers. You will innovate by using data analysis techniques, develop systems with a high bar for security and accuracy, and deliver new and improved features that make it easier for customers to manage access to their cloud assets.

Inside track to apply: Send your resume to Rachel Blackburn; mention this newsletter

Full Stack Engineer at CloudTamer

Location: Anywhere: true global remote!

My contact at CloudTamer says: Our Full Stack Engineer will be adept at working on every facet of the application – from the data storage layer to the user interface. You’ll develop on loosely defined requirements, provide technical guidance to peers, and advance the product from a technology perspective.

Forrest says: The CloudTamer team is up-and-coming, and working on a rich set of problems. I’ve also enjoyed every interaction I’ve had with their team, which isn’t a given. They seem like good folks.

Inside track to apply: Send your resume here; mention this newsletter

SRE/Cloud/DevOps Engineer at Cheetah Digital

Location: Remote anywhere within the US, UK, India, Manilla, Costa Rica, Kuala Lumpur

My contact at Cheetah says: Our journey to the cloud is helping our customers deliver better results to our clients, partners and ultimately end users. Our cloud team is focused on cloud native applications and migrations to AWS.

Forrest says: I have tremendous respect for Justin Brodley, who leads cloud at Cheetah, dating back to his time leading cloud transformations at Fannie Mae - he “gets it” and is great to work with. You’ll be in a good spot here.

Inside track to apply: DM Justin Brodley on Twitter or LinkedIn

Senior-level jobs

(Significant cloud experience; you can lead a team or teach others)

Principal DevOps Engineer at Roche

Location and salary: Fully remote within the US, up to $200K depending on experience

My contact says: Roche has been around for 120 years. This is not an 80hr/week startup, rather it's a solid enterprise with the resources to invest as needed, and right now, that's top-tier people. We are an AWS shop currently using Terraform, Cloudflare & Splunk. Roche is committed to a superior level of software craftsmanship. People with the drive, motivation and vision will excel here.

Inside track to apply: Apply to job posting directly and email Bruce Edge with contact info & resume.

Launch sponsor: Trek10

An AWS Premier Consulting Partner focused 100% on modern application development and serverless, Trek10 is growing fast and hiring quite a few folks to work on large, interesting projects, including Cloud Engineers, Cloud Architects, and AWS Cloud Architects - Kubernetes. Both mid-level and senior-level folks are encouraged to apply.

A word from Forrest: Longtime readers may remember that I used to work at Trek10. The team is humane, humble, good at what they do, and fully distributed. A fantastic place to level up your career. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

Location: Somewhat global remote, but due to timezone constraints they would prefer NAMER or EU-based folks at this time.

Inside track to apply: Send your resume to Megan Bivin with headline “Forrest's newsletter”. They’ll be expecting you.

Senior Kafka Engineer or Team Leader, Engineering at Rocket Homes

Location: Fully remote within the US or Canada

About the Kafka role, my contact at Rocket says: Work with great technology like Kafka, Node.JS, AWS and TypeScript along with helping to grow a team of like-minded excited teammates. We offer the support and benefits of a big company while still having the vision of a start-up. The best part is you get to bring the best of you to a new team that needs your vision and excitement.

About the team lead role, my contact says: We're looking for an experienced AWS cloud leader to lead our Enterprise Infrastructure Engineers. They are an experienced, high-performing team building infrastructure for some awesome applications! You've got the opportunity to make a huge impact on a startup-sized culture with enterprise-type benefits and opportunities for growth.

Forrest says: The Rock family of companies is solving some super interesting web-scale problems - plus their Detroit offices are very cool!

Inside track to apply: Send your resume to Dean Simmer for a referral.

Cloud Engineer at Syapse

Location and salary: Fully remote within the US; competitive salary with pre-IPO stock options.

My contact at Syapse says: Our company is dealing with large data analytics platforms to speed precision medicine insights. The Cloud Engineering group is innovating with Argo CD and other tools to create a premier pipeline that accommodates complex configuration management and data migrations.

Inside track to apply: Shoot your resume to John Marx.

Technical Program Manager at AWS Organizations or Software Development Manager at AWS Identity

Location: In-office in Arlington, Berlin, Cupertino, Herndon, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver

My contact at AWS says: As an AWS Organizations technical program manager, you will own and drive projects to ensure a consistent, multi-account management experience for all AWS customers. You will collaborate with internal and external customers to articulate requirements, streamline processes, and simplify multi-account management.

As a resource management software development manager, you will lead engineering teams that build services customers use to organize, explore, and act on their AWS resources at scale. You also will collaborate with leaders across AWS to deliver resource-management features that are essential to customers every day.

Inside track to apply: Send your resume to Rachel Blackburn; mention this newsletter

Senior Networking Engineer at Cheetah Digital

Location: No restrictions; true global remote!

My contact says: Our Senior Networking Engineering role is a key part of our network team defining our hybrid networking stack, future programs and architecture. For a candidate who is looking to transition to network architect soon this is a great opportunity with a clear path to Network Architect in 18-24 months.

Forrest says: Same sentiment as on Cheetah’s mid-level posting. Justin Brodley is an AWS legend and also on my bucket list of “great people I’d like to work with directly someday.” You’ll be in a good spot here.

Inside track to apply: Hit up Justin Brodley on LinkedIn or Twitter DM

Manager of Infrastructure Engineering at HNI Corporation

Location: No restrictions; true global remote!

My contact says: In this position, you will provide global technical guidance and leadership in projects involving a variety of infrastructure technologies (cloud, storage, compute, network, etc). You will organize resources around the execution of business objectives in a highly dynamic environment and will provide technical leadership and direction on the latest technologies and technological opportunities needed in order to give the business a competitive advantage. It’s highly visible and will provide the opportunity to be a part of HNI’s continued digital transformation journey.

Forrest says: This is a chance to get in on the ground floor of a massive cloud transformation at a Fortune 500 company. Not necessarily for the faint of heart, but I have great trust in the leadership.

Inside track to apply: Just ping Forrest on this one (reply to this email is fine)

Senior Backend Engineer at Vendia

Location: Global remote, but you need to be able to operate within +/- 5 hours of the US Pacific Time Zone.

My contact at Vendia says: At Vendia, we’re creating the world’s fastest and most scalable platform for developing and running universal applications. We combine the best of serverless, distributed ledgers and massively scaled cloud services to help customers solve their hardest data sharing and integration challenges. Be part of the movement and join a team of experts that built industry-changing services like AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, Step Functions, S3, and many more.

Forrest says: Tim Wagner, founder of Vendia, is the guy who invented AWS Lambda. You’ll be working on the cutting edge here.

Inside track to apply: Indicate on application that you found Vendia through this newsletter


(Director-ish titles and above)

Head of Consulting Services at The Duckbill Group

Location and salary: Remote, but must be legally authorized to work in the US. $180K + bonus / profit share

My contact (OK fine, it’s Corey) says: This role will scale out the consulting function of a surprisingly-well-known consultancy. Our approach to consulting is radically different than most firms, our reputation is sterling, and our guiding philosophy is "this industry takes itself far too seriously; we aim to change that." Plus, our mascot is a platypus with an attitude problem.

Forrest says: I can’t even imagine what it would be like to work for Corey Quinn. And I have a pretty good imagination.

Inside track to apply: Email Corey

Director of Product Management at Vendia

Location: Global remote, but you need to be able to operate within +/- 5 hours of the US Pacific Time Zone.

From the listing: As Director of Product Management for Vendia Share, you will own and drive product strategy and roadmap for Vendia’s flagship product. 

Inside track to apply: Indicate on application that you found Vendia through this newsletter

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