Why subscribe?

In each issue of the “Cloud Irregular” newsletter, I’ll try to provide a useful piece of commentary on some tech-related topic. After that I’ll let you know about any new stuff I’ve published, or upcoming talks. Then I’ll give you something extremely silly, just to cleanse your palate, and we’ll be done.

How irregular is Cloud Irregular?

So far, it seems to be every month or two.

What is “The Best Jobs in Cloud"?

“The Best Jobs in Cloud” is a paid-subscriber only update that comes out every two weeks on Thursday. [NOTE: New issues of “The Best Jobs in Cloud” are currently on indefinite hiatus]

In each issue, I curate awesome cloud job opportunities from around my network, including an inside referral for each job so you can skip the application line.

What do I mean by “the best”? I use the following editorial criteria when putting this newsletter together:

  • I bias for remote jobs; even better if they are true, global “work from anywhere” remote jobs without a geographical restriction.

  • I bias for jobs where I personally know people inside the company and can vouch for the health of the culture and the interesting-ness of the work.

  • I sort the list according to required experience, and I try to make sure I have a healthy balance of junior, mid-level, and senior jobs.

You can subscribe to “The Best Jobs in Cloud” for $5/month, or get it for free by purchasing the Cloud Resume Challenge book.